søndag den 2. juni 2013

A Card-carrying member of WikiLeaks

A few days ago some idiot and/or troll asked me, if I am a “card-carrying member of WikiLeaks”.
No – I said, just someone who cares deeply about truth and justice. I also very much believe that WikiLeaks has shown us the power of standing up to power. It's clear that they've also taken an enormous hit by doing so – but still their example is crystal clear: The Powers That Be are scared shitless. Even the faintest hint of Sunshine makes them panic – and the Genie is out the bottle:

Ridiculous secrecy to cover your crimes, is doomed to fail. Every time someone pulls a Bradley Manning – and their disclosures are in fact screamed from the rooftops to millions of people via something like WikiLeaks, millions of people pay attentention, and someone else will eventually pull an Ellsberg, a Thomas Drake, a John Kiriakou or a Bill Binney. Even in the face of severe repression and persecution, there WILL be more Kathrine Gunns, Frank Grevils and Craig Murrays. Likewise, there will be more and more Jeremy Hammonds, Barrett Browns, Aaron Swartz's and 'Weevs”. Also more and more people like Col. Morris Davis, Brandon Neely and Joe J. Glenton.
Courage IS contagious, and even the “Mainstream” Media can't keep people in line anymore. They might have succeeded in wounding WikiLeaks badly, just like they managed to make Occupy Wall Street stumple, but who cares? Truth, Justice and Peace is here to stay – and millions of people already knew that the real purpose of the media, is to suppress dissent.You ain't seen nothing yet.

SO – the idiot/troll DID in fact succeed in something. He made me think: why the hell not? I DO support WikiLeaks, even if I now and then disagree with them and Julian Assange in specific cases. So fucking what? I disagree with my friends and my wife now and then, but I still stand by them and support them – especially when the going get's tough. Same here. (for a somewhat long explanation of why WikiLeaks is important in the first place, see my first blogpost on the matter).

So why not make it official? I'm not at ALL ashamed to be a WikiLeaks supporter, and I know I'm far from alone. I've donated quite a lot of money to WikiLeaks in the past year or two, and plan on continuing doing so. I LOVE what the Freedom of The Press Foundation has done (and have donated through and to them as well), and while I understand why the anonymity of your donation can be important – it isn't for me. I'm NOT ashamed to donate money to WikiLeaks and I'm not the least bit scared doing so. The Wankers in the various 3-letter agencies can bring it on (To paraphrase a gigantic moron: NSA, Suck.On.This!).

In fact, I'd LOVE to become a card-carrying member/supporter of WikiLeaks – please do send me a non-fancy plastic card that fits in my wallet (would also be handy to make other people interested in “joining”. Membership fees could be progressive (tick 10, 25, 50, xxx Dollars/Month) – and I'd guess that lots of people would be happy to sign up without expecting anything in return, apart from knowing that the money would be spent crushing bastards. (How many Amnesty/Human Rights Watch members are sitting around these days wondering why these multi-million dollar enterprises aren't speaking out against the persecution of Bradley Manning (and the rest of the Whistle-Blowers) – just like they were wondering why they didn't speak out against the brutalizing of Occupy Wall Street?)

Practically – and to avoid spending too much on bank fees – it might a good idea to set up national “chapters”, that could collect the monthly membership fees, and forward them to WikiLeaks. I don't know about elsewhere, but here in Denmark bank transfers are free of charge within the country. This MIGHT also come in handy for other purposes (activism, letter writing, contacting MP's, civil disobedience whatever flies your boat – kind of like a real-life FOWL).

There's around 6 million people in Denmark – it SHOULD be easy to get, say 50 or 100 people to sign up; let's say people choose an average donating of just 10 dollars/month., totalling 500 or 1.000 dollars/month. (6.000/12.000 dollars/year). That's not a fortune, but a start.

Now imagine the same taking place in Germany, UK, France, Australia, Canada etc., and we're talking at least several hundreds of thousands of dollars/year. Maybe even more important would be the social effect of people talking about supporting this for real – not ONLY by posting angry messages (guilty as charged) on Twitter. Not everyone is prepared to kick ass like WACA in Australia – but lots of people would love to do something like this (I think).

And as far as I can see – this would all be free of charge from the point of view of WikiLeaks. It might involve finding trustworthy people in a few countries (I'd volunteer, but I've heard WikiLeaks already has quite a few friends here), but how hard can that be?

Ideas/suggestions more than welcome – spread the word!